About us

Universal Elysium Limited (Universal Elysium) is a Nigerian specialist infrastructure management and advisory services, provider. UE operates globally, providing management and advisory services to Nigerian and international clients.

Our Mission

Our Expertise and Team

We specialise in the infrastructure business and have always done so.

Universal Elysium Limited has a team of experienced professionals spanning many infrastructure sectors. Over the years, the Universal Elysium team has established an extensive network of contacts across these sectors to put our clients in touch
Universal Elysium brings a fresh and innovative approach to its services. We have a team of professional and experienced personnel managing all aspects of the company's activity. These individuals are well qualified and experienced employees and consultants that are adequately empowered to carry out their functions
We approach every project as a unique undertaking and continually expand our services following the demands of our clientele and the market in general.
Dr George Nwangwu
Managing Director
Chris Okoye
Head, Legal
Tracy Ezenwa
Financial Analyst

Our Clientele

Universal Elysium’s services cut across a broad spectrum of clients in the following sectors:

  • National and regional governments and their parastatals;
  • Multilateral organisations and development aid agencies working in Africa;
  • Regulatory bodies dealing with economic and industry regulation;
  • Top public and private sector enterprises developed natural resources, utilities, and infrastructure.